Kybele & Pan worship in Boeotia

I don’t remember which Hellenic Polytheism list I saw this on, but I recall somebody relatively recently (within the last couple of months or so) saying something about Kybele and Pan being worshiped side-by-side in certain regions of Boeotia. I seem to recall reading that in some book, as well, but owning comparatively few books, I can’t just quick look that up right now.

I’ve found limited info in googling some books, Cybele, Attis and Related Cults by Maarten Jozef Vermaseren & Eugene Lane mentions this in Theban cultus, specifically.

Does anybody reading this perhaps know where else I can confirm this?

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Ruadhán has been a traditional Hellenic polytheist for about a decade, and has also maintained devotions to Eros and Apollon most of that time; his status as a devotee of Nyx is more recent. He also paints, makes music, makes jewellery, and writes novels set in the Mod Revival (UK) and Swampie (Oz) subcultures of the 1980s. He also gets a lot of odd little experiences that he jokes will forever render him an insufferable Goth.

5 thoughts on “Kybele & Pan worship in Boeotia

  1. I found a reference to this in one of Pindar’s Odes (#3):

    But I wish to make my prayer
    to the sacred Mother Goddess
    whom Theban maidens celebrate
    all the night through,
    singing of her and of Pan
    not far from where I dwell.
    If, Hieron, you understand,
    recall the proverb now:
    the deathless gods
    dole out to death-bound men
    two pains for every good.
    Fools make nothing of either.
    The noble turn both to advantage,
    folding pain within,
    and showing beauty without.

    These words are about 2/3 of the way down the page on this site:

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