June Child-Feld on Marc

June Child, Bolan’s wife (I know the last two videos have crap sound, but she toward the end of the last one, she states they never finalised a divorce, and she’s speaking literally; Marc and June were still legally married when Marc was living with Gloria Jones from 1973-77, and at the time of the accident), was born 23 August 1943 and she herself died in 1994 on a date that sort of inversely mirrors Marc’s death, in a way, 31 August 1994. Though June had a daughter later, after Marc’s death, she never remarried.

Over the years, there has been fan speculation, here and there, that Marc and June were in the middle of a reconciliation, and that Gloria Jones lost control of the car due to anger —the fact that Jones fled the UK, and has never returned to face a court over her intoxicated driving charges after her hospital recovery serves as evidence of guilt in the minds of many fans. On the other hand, even if Ms Jones’ emotions did come into play that night, it’s possible that she would have been acquitted, because not only was it the middle of the night, and raining, examination of the Mini suggested that during a recent tune-up, the nuts holding the steering together were only hand-tight, rendering the car unstable even to the calmest driver, during fair weather, and in broad daylight.

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