Donate to my radio station! Do it for Apollon!

In case you didn’t already know, I’m one of the volunteer DJs at WCBN-FM in Ann Arbor, MI. It’s nominally the University of Michigan station, but the university pretty much gives us the bare minimum of monies to keep going, which is great, but we still need to raise funds for everything else. We’ve got a goal for this year of $50,000, and we’re five days in and not yet to our halfway mark, with five days left.

I know it’s pretty popular to make donations to charities and other non-profits in lieu of, or in addition to devotional work, so if you want to honour Apollon or the Moisai, or other music deities, this is a thing you can do. Plus, we’ve got premium gifties for certain donor levels — like a buttload of t-shirts, pint glasses, brandy snifters (makes a great wine resivoir for your shrines and altars!)

You can donate (and listen!) online at or feel free to call 1-734-763-3500 to talk to me or one of the other nuts taking donations over the phone. You can even request a song for any donation amount! If we have it, we can play it.

This city is bustling with Apollon’s activity, and this station is, in my opinion and gut feeling, a part of this, so please donate!

About Ruadhán McElroy

Ruadhán has been a traditional Hellenic polytheist for about a decade, and has also maintained devotions to Eros and Apollon most of that time; his status as a devotee of Nyx is more recent. He also paints, makes music, makes jewellery, and writes novels set in the Mod Revival (UK) and Swampie (Oz) subcultures of the 1980s. He also gets a lot of odd little experiences that he jokes will forever render him an insufferable Goth.

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