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From young fans on Tumblr

From joeyx: On this day in 1977: Marc Bolan died when the purple Mini he was a passenger in hit a tree; he was 29. Today’s soundtrack: Gimme those first handful of T. Rex albums. The 70’s never sounded so … Continue reading

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I will not coddle to your stupidity: “Time heals all wounds” is true, Tumblr

So, I saw this image recently cross-posted from Tumblr to Facebook by one of my friends, and this is some of the stupidest crap I’ve seen in a while. “They say time heals all wounds, I disagree…” and then goes … Continue reading

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In Defence of Sex as Sacred

http://sexisnottheenemy.tumblr.com/post/18194488567/all-the-paganism-tantra-meditation-sacred-sex All the paganism, Tantra, meditation, sacred sex, and BDSM sex magic(k) books and workshops represent a step backward. They are very convenient ways of rationalizing sexual pleasure by letting people claim that it’s about “something more” than just making … Continue reading

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Mother Nyx and Why You Should Never Ask Me About Ancient Egypt

A while back, I wrote that, while I have immense respect for Mother Nyx, I didn’t really give Her much explicit worship. I didn’t feel it was my place to do so, and so I kept a fair distance and … Continue reading

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Q: What is paganism? A: Absolutely nothing.

At least if you wander over to Tumblurgh. Oh, fuck, I guess it’s not restricted to that pinheaded site.. It’s kind of been bothering me in recent months how utterly devoid of any real meaning the word “pagan” is. “‘Pagan’ … Continue reading

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Well, I’m getting the itch to blog more Erotic and Boeotian polytheistic goodness again, and coincidentally, assuming AccuWeather stays correct, the last super-hot day of the year jusr passed us, meaning it is again reasonable to pick more than one … Continue reading

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Start Your Week Off Right: A Round-Up

Deities & Demons is a Tumblog that seems to have directed a lot of people here because of this one particular post. Looking through it, I’m really impressed with the images gathered. Here are some other posts from it I … Continue reading

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Oh, whatever, I’m saying it

OK, I’ve been holding back this rant for a while now, and I finally decided that I have to say something. So, OK, I get some really weird comments from people who read this blog and my other Eros projects … Continue reading

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